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At Elegance Service Is a Package Employee
Elegance is a full service printer dedicated to be the highest quality, exceptional service and substantial savings to our customers. If you are a publisher and you have been working with European or American printers or with their brokers, working directly with Elegance can make a significant difference for you. At Elegance service comes in a package:

Here Quality Meets Efficiency

  • Our in-house, state of the art printing facilities in China and Hong Kong ensures efficient, economic and high quality printing services. All of our presses are Heidleberg sheet-fed offset presses, which deliver optimum ink coverage and density.
  • Our skilled production staffs carefully monitor all aspects of a project from pre-press through printing, binding up to shipping of the finished product.
  • Our products undergo rigorous quality control measures during the manufacturing process to ensure exceptional quality.

Here Imagination Meets Reality
Our experienced technical and quality control staff can assist you with any inquiries. Their expertise and experience in the profession can assist you to turn your most complex ideas into a cost effective quality product.

Here Cost Meets Savings
We offer one of the most highly competitive prices in the industry for our services. This is a result of our continuous effort to minimize cost through improved efficiency. Our fourteen new presses and huge binding capacity coupled with Hong Kong's industrial strength gives us an added advantage over our competitors. In this way we seek to offer real cost savings to our clients in what is becoming a very competitive industry.

Here Service Meets Excellence

  • We believe best customer service stems from excellent communication. We are committed to working with you to device the best solution that fits your need.
  • More importantly our sales offices in the United States will work with you to keep you informed, share ideas, and to help you make the best decisions in every step of the production process from quotations to the delivery of titles to their final destinations.

And all these come in a package for Elegance's Customers.

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