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Adult Illustrated Products/ Books
Our main products are Craft Books, Cookbooks, Photography, Art, Cards and Specialty Items. These products require precision of color mixtures, density control and superior ink coverage in order to get the highest quality finishing of colored image reproduction. We carefully select high quality raw materials such as Japanese and European coated papers for their smooth surfaces and high bulking characteristics. We draw on the services of some of the best printing craftsman in Hong Kong and aided with our sophisticated sheet fed Heidelberg printing presses we are best suited to provide clients with the highest quality and products.
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Medical Books
Accuracy and precision are vital for printing medical books. It is imperative to ensure that images are reproduced with the best possible clarity and quality to disseminate minute details that such materials a carry. We pay great attention to the details of the whole process to ensure quality and accuracy of the projects. Many medical books have no Jackets. Thus strong covers with foil stamping are most important to ensure that they can be conveniently used with or without covers in hospitals, labs, and universities worldwide. Our sophisticated bindery division in Schezen provides us with added advantage at this end.
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Specialty Items
Elegance also specializes in high quality specialty items such as:

  • Calendars
  • Tarot Cards and Post Cards
  • Magnetic Boxed Stationery Sets
  • Gift Boxes
  • Plush Toys
  • Puzzles
  • Greetings Card

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Children's Books
Children's books publishing is a highly competitive and priced sensitive market. Such projects require vibrant colored imaging and strong binding while keeping the cost down to facilitate competitive edge for our customers in a highly price sensitive market. All of our children's books are usually Smyth-sewn to meet the U.S. library standards at no additional cost to our clients. Many children's books require a combination of manufacturing challenges such as die cutting, gluing, pop up items as well as other hand operations. Over 700 skilled workers in our Schezen plant give us an added edge in turning these packaged products into cost effective quality products, which could be very costly to produce in North America.
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Our experienced technical and quality control staff are always at hand to assist you with their expertise and experience to turn your most complex ideas into a cost effective quality product. From production to shipment we are always at your side to help make it your most speedy and convenient experience ever.

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