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Q. How does Elegance define Clients Service?
A. We consider our clients and their successful performance as the reason and justification of our existance. We work hard to give them satisfaction.

Q. Are your operations MAC or PC based?
A. We are both. We have the latest G4s Power Mac. for Mac. users and Pentium III processors for PC users.

Q. What file formats do you accept?
A. You can send your digital file as a JPEG , TIFF, EPS or PSD extention. * All files should be converted to CMYK; we recommend that you design the job at 300dpi

Q. What type of media do you accept files in?
A. We accept, floppy disks, 100MB zip disks, CD ROMs, 1 or 2 MB Jazz disk and SyQuest 44, 88, 200. We prefer to have your files on zip disks or CDs... or submitted directly to our FTP site or e-mailed to if they are less than 2MB in size. Please read our submit file section of our website for details on how to send your files online.

Q. What is the exchange rate and does it vary?
A. The current exchange rate is 7.8% . The U.S. Dollar and Hong Kong Dollar are pegged at this rate and have been for many years . Elegance guarantees prices for 3 months from the date of our quotation.

Q. How fast can I get my job?
That depends on the type of job you have and the current work load in the plant. If you need to check the status of the plant's availability or the status of your job, just give us a call.

Q. What are Elegance Printing's capabilities to receive orders through the internet?
A.Our employees in Hong Kong and New York reply to customer's e-mails within 24 hours. Our clients can now upload the design to our ftp server which makes the job faster.

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